National and Regional Funding

2025-2028 ANR
Deciphering Complex Protein Energy Landscapes at Atomic Resolution with Novel AI-Enhanced and Advanced High-Pressure NMR Tools

2024-2027 CEA
PhD Fellowship (Diane d’Esquermes)

2023-2026 ANR
Development of innovative NMR methods enabling in-depth characterization of therapeutic antibodies batches

2024-2027 UGA/ENS-Lyon
PhD Fellowship (Astrid Audibert)

2021-2022 La Ligue contre le Cancer (charity) – Extension of PhD fellowship (F. Henot)

2020-2021 Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (charity)
Extension of PhD fellowship (Ricarda Törner)

2019-2024 Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes Pack Ambition Recherche
Integrating protein dynamics into the rational drug design process

2019-2024 ANR
Targeting ClpP proteases : From dynamics and function to allosteric modulation by drugs

2018-2021 ANR
Methylene resonances : invaluable probes for the study of proteins

2017-2020 UGA/IDEX International Strategic Partnership Grant
Chaperonin Interactions with Amyloidogenic and Aggregate-prone proteins

2015-2018 CEA
PhD Fellowship (Elisa Colas-Debled)

2013-2015 ANRS
The eIF3 complex as a target for a strategy to inhibit Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) IRES-dependent translation by RNA aptamers C

2012-2015 UGA
PhD Fellowship (Guillaume Mas)

2012-2013 ARC - Fondation pour la recherche contre le cancer (Charity)
Extension of PhD fellowship Matthieu Benoit

2009-2012 ANR
Real-Time Studies of Biological NanoMachines in Action by NMR

2009-2012 CEA
PhD Fellowship (Matthieu Benoit)

2008-2011 ARC - Fondation pour la recherche contre le cancer (Charity)
Post-doctoral Fellowship (Michael Plevin)

2008-2010 ANRS
Fonctional and Structural Studies of RNP complexes involved in translation intitiation of Hepatitisis C

2007-2008 CNRS Interdisciplinary Program
Hyperthermophilic Machineries in Action : A Real-time NMR Approach

2006-2010 ANR
RNA Shape Recognition and Structure in MicroRNA Processing

2005-2006 ANRS
Post-doctoral Fellowship (Helene Van Melckebeke)

2004-2008 UGA
PhD Fellowship (Remy Sounier)

2005-2006 CNRS
Post-doctoral Fellowship (Matthew Devany)