Current membership

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Period Employer Nationality Name Position
2004- CNRS
Jérôme Boisbouvier Researcher DR1
2011- CNRS
Lionel Imbert Engineer - IR
09/22-08/25 UGA
Astrid Audibert PhD Student
09/22-09/25 Sanofi
Faustine Henot Post-doc
09/22-08/26 Sanofi
Béatrice Vibert PhD Student
02/23-01/26 CNRS
Karine Giandoreggio Engineer (AI)
06/24-12/26 UGA
Lauren Gandy Post-doc
09/24-08/25 CNRS
Assia Mouhand Post-doc
09/24-08/25 CNRS
Basile Moscatello Engineer (AI)
10/24-09/27 CNRS
Jorge Moreira Post-doc
10/24-09/27 CEA
Diane D’Esquermes PhD Student
11/24-10/27 CNRS
Lorenzo Cracco PhD Student