Project : bright fluorescent proteins

Structural understanding of fluorescence efficiency in fluorescent proteins

Contacts : Jérôme Dupuy and Antoine Royant

Our group has specialized in the coupled structural and spectroscopic characterization of fluorescent proteins of various types (GFP-like, phytochrome-derived) and hues (cyan, green, yellow, red, near-infrared) to decipher the structural determinants controlling fluorescence properties in order to be able to improve them. We are also interested in understanding how certain fluorescent flavoproteins can act as photosensitizers and thus serve in various cell imaging techniques used for functional studies.

Selected publications :

1. Aequorea’s secrets revealed : New fluorescent proteins with unique properties for bioimaging and biosensing. Lambert GG, Depernet H, Gotthard G, Schultz DT, Navizet I, Lambert T, Adams SR, Torreblanca-Zanca A, Chu M, Bindels DS, Levesque V, Nero Moffatt J, Salih A, Royant A, Shaner NC (2020) PLoS Biol. 18:e3000936

2. Tailing miniSOG : structural bases of the complex photophysics of a flavin-binding singlet oxygen photosensitizing protein. Torra J, Lafaye C, Signor L, Aumonier S, Flors C, Shu X, Nonell S, Gotthard G, Royant A (2019) Sci. Rep. 9:2428

3. mScarlet : a bright monomeric red fluorescent protein for cellular imaging. Bindels D S, Haarbosch L, van Weeren L, Postma M, Wiese K E, Mastop M, Aumonier S, Gotthard G, Royant A, Hink M & Gadella T W Jr (2017) Nat. Methods 14, 53-56