Prometheus NT.48 (Nanotemper) allows to evaluate protein thermal and chemical stability by determining the unfolding transition midpoint (Tm) and the aggregation of the protein. This is done following changes in intrinsic Trp fluorescence (by differential scanning fluorimetry : DSF) and by detecting scattering of light.

It allows to screen up to 48 conditions in parallel, using 12µL of sample per assay with a concentration between 5 µg/mL to 250 mg/mL (optimum is around the mg/mL). A classical set of measure lasts around 1h30.

Access mode

The access to Prometheus is open to PSB members, capillaries have to be brought by users.

Before his first use, each new user has to be trained in the use of the system by Michel Thépaut. All experiments and analyses have to be performed by users.