Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

Research engineer for the cryo-electron microscopy platform

Subject : Ingénieur(e) de recherche en cryo-microscopie électronique
Contract of employment : 24 months fixed-term contract
Qualifications : PhD
Operational know-how :
- Become rapidly autonomous and operational as an expert in high-resolution cryo-EM. An existing mastery of the latest generation of electron microscopes will be a plus.
- Mastery or theoretical knowledge of at least one of the image acquisition software for single particle analysis or electron tomography (e.g. TFS EPU, Digital Micrograph, SerialEM etc.).
- One or more of the following skills is advantageous :
- Good knowledge of the different approaches used in electron microscopy (single particle analysis of frozen-hydrated complexes, tomography or diffraction)
- Knowledge of the different methods of sample preparation (negative staining, vitrification, cellular electron microscopy)
- Theoretical and practical knowledge of image processing and 3D reconstruction software (e.g. Relion, cryoSPARC) and knowledge of computer science and programming (Java, JavaScript, Python etc...).
Application Deadline : 28 January 2021

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Permanent staff scientist/ junior team leader for the NMR Group

The Institute of Structural Biology in Grenoble (France) seeks to hire a highly motivated scientist with a strong background in biomolecular NMR spectroscopy and structural biology. The successful candidate is expected to establish an interdisciplinary biomolecular/ biophysics research activity, centered on the use of solid- and/or solution-state NMR spectroscopy, and to collaborate with other teams in the NMR group and the IBS. To know more

Applicants can send their application, together with a description of their future research project(s) here before 30 January 2021.