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A new target for cancer drugs

A new mode of action of ellipticine, a molecule known for its anti-cancer properties has been identified by scientists from the CEA, CNRS, INSERM, Institut Curie and Joseph Fourier-Grenoble1 University. They selected derivatives of this molecule capable of specifically targeting the CK2 protein, a protein kinase2 deregulated in many cancers and demonstrated the antitumor potential of these derivatives. This work, published online by Cancer Research, opens new perspectives for the design of future cancer drugs.

Press release
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Antitumor activity of pyridocarbazole and benzopyridoindole derivatives that inhibit protein kinase CK2.
Renaud Prudent, Virginie Moucadel, Chi-Hung Nguyen, Caroline Barette, Frédéric Schmidt, Jean-Claude Florent, Laurence Lafanechère, Céline F. Sautel, Eve Duchemin-Pelletier, Elodie Spreux, Odile Filhol, Jean-Baptiste Reiser, and Claude Cochet.
Cancer Research, 70(23):9865-74.