Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

Fight against HIV : a promising compound

At the Institut de Biologie Structurale, researchers have developed a molecule capable of blocking the transfer of HIV from one cell to another. This molecule has been the subject of a patent and a publication in the journal ACS Chemical Biology. It works by saturating a receptor called DC-SIGN, used by HIV to be transported in the body [Press release]

Inhibition of DC-SIGN Mediated HIV infection by a linear trimannoside mimic in tetravalent presentation. Sattin S, Daghetti A, Thépaut M, Berzi A, Sanchez-Navarro M, Tabarani G, Rojo J, Fieschi F, Clerici M, Bernardi A. ACS Chem Biol. ;5(3):301-12.

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