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A new bacterial strategy to control immunity

Scientists from the IBS, Pasteur Institute, INRA, INSERM and CNRS laboratories have demonstrated that Listeria monocytogenes, a pathogenic bacterium, is capable of reprogramming genes in order to activate or not the immune system.
This work, published online by Science on January 20, 2011 received funding from the European Community (ERANET PathoGenoMics program and ERC).

Press release
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A Bacterial Protein Targets the BAHD1 Chromatin Complex to Stimulate Type III Interferon Response. Alice Lebreton, Goran Lakisic, Viviana Job, Lauriane Fritsch, To Nam Tham, Ana Camejo, Pierre-Jean Matteï, Béatrice Regnault, Marie-Anne Nahori, Didier Cabanes, Alexis Gautreau, Slimane Ait-Si-Ali, Andréa Dessen, Pascale Cossart, and Hélène Bierne. Science, 331 : 1319-1321.