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Electrophysiology – Patch Clamp


The Patch Clamp Platform comprises two patch clamp setups and one microelectrode device. This equipment facilitates the study of ion channels from the single molecule level to the whole cell. Setups are equipped with perfusion systems which allow rapid testing of the effects of several molecules at different concentrations on the same channel. The microelectrode setup is dedicated to the study of recombinant channels expressed in xenopus oocytes. The equipment and expertise for heterologous expression in xenopus oocytes and characterization of recombinant ion channels using all patch clamp configurations and two-electrode voltage clamps are available.


Patch clamp ; Two-electrode voltage clamp ; Single channel ; Ion channels ; Pharmacology ; Xenopus ; Oocyte.



Dedicated staff

Supervisor : Michel VIVAUDOU
Technical support : Jean REVILLOUD

Specific equipment

- Sutter P700 pipette puller.
- Drummond Nanoject 2 cell microinjector.
- Inverted fluorescence microscope Nikon Diaphot 300,
- Burleigh piezo micromanipulator,
- Bio-Logic RSC100 and RSC200 customized rapid perfusion systems.
- Bio-Logic RK300 and RK400 patch clamp amplifier,
- Axon Geneclamp 500 patch clamp and microelectrode amplifier.
- pClamp 10 software,
- custom software for data acquisition and analysis.

Access mode

Scientific collaboration


IBS/Channels Group

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Contact Michel VIVAUDOU

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