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Fluostar microplates reader


The OPTIMA FLUOstar is designed for reading microplates, with combined reagent distribution, in the following measurement modes : Fluorescence, Luminescence and Absorbance. The device can be used for incubating samples up to 60 ° C, offers the ability to read all plate formats, and also analyses images derived from cell culture plates.
With exceptional sensitivity and flexibility, it has a sampling rate of 50 readings / sec / well and allows 3 to 4 injections of 350 μl during kinetic experiments.

Key words

Optical density , fluorescence, luminescence measurements


Thierry Vernet

Dedicated staff

none but technical expertise is available within the Pneumococcus group

Specific equipment

Fluostar Optima Microplate reader, BMG Labtech
Available filters : 260nm ; 280nm ; 330nm ; 405nm ; 465nm ; 490nm ; 520nm ; 560nm ; 595nm ; 612nm ; 650nm

Access mode

Academics & industry


to be defined for industrial users as a function of access and assistance required


IBS/LIM room 7206A

How to make a request ?

Contact Thierry Vernet

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Booking planning closed to the instrument , room 7206A