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Small angle scattering platform SAS-IBS


Overall view of the experimental hutch of ID14-3

Small angle scattering is a powerful technique to address questions in structural biology at medium/low resolution ( nm). Samples are biomacromolecules in solution ( 50-200µL) at concentrations in the mg/ml range. The PSB “Small Angle Scattering Platform” groups together several scientists from the PSB institutes (IBS, ILL, ESRF, EMBL, UVHCI). Both ILL and ESRF provide access to four beamlines where small angle scattering experiments on biological samples can be carried out : ID02 and ID14-3 (ESRF) ; D11 and D22 (ILL). Expertise for efficient use of the beamlines as well as data analysis and interpretation is provided by the contact persons of the respective PSB partner institutions.

Key words

SAXS, SANS, low resolution ( nm) modelling of biological macromolecules


At IBS :
- Frank Gabel
- Christine Ebel

Dedicated staff

- Frank Gabel

Specific equipment

ID02 and ID14-3 beamlines at ESRF ; D11 and D22 beamlines at ILL


Access mode

Access to instruments via the ESRF and ILL electronic proposal systems. The proposals are reviewed by a scientific committee and judged according to their scientific quality.


None for accepted proposals from academic groups. For a non-academic partnership, beam-time is charged by ILL or ESRF, and we provide services for data collection and analysis (estimate upon request).


ESRF beamlines ID02 and ID14-3, ILL beamlines D11 and D22

How to make a request ?

Contact Frank Gabel or Christine Ebel.

Additional information

Proposals for beam-time requests may be submitted twice a year (ID14-3 has also a more flexible access, see ID14-3 webpage).