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X-Ray Diffractometer


X-ray diffractometer is a newly refurbished equipment (source and detector) and is available to scientists from IBS. Biologists can test crystals before synchrotron experiment (salt crystals, best crystal screening) as well as collect data sets.

Micro focus source is a GeniX 3D Cu HF coupled to FOX3D optics that give an excellent X-ray convergence. The 180μm beam fits to small protein crystal diffraction. The diffractometer is equipped with a plate reader detector (Mar345) and Mardtb345 software controls the full system.


Diffraction, X-Ray, Mar, Protein crystals, Cryo


Florine Dupeux
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Florine Dupeux

Specific equipment

  • Source : GeniX 3D Cu High Flux (Xenocs)
  • Detector : Mar 345 (marXperts)
  • Cryo system : Oxford 600
  • Software : Mardtb345 (marXperts)


Open to IBS community


Institut de Biologie Structurale, room 283

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