Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

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Open positions

PhD thesis project (3 years - starting October 2021)

Understanding and improving the properties
of fluorescent proteins by light-NMR


We welcome applications of master students, PhD students and post-doc candidates to work on different topics of the group :

• Development of innovative solution/solid-state NMR methods and isotopic labeling approaches for the study of challenging biological systems.
• Solid–state and solution-state NMR studies of biomolecular dynamics and interactions, in a number of challenging systems in which motion is an inherent feature for function.
• Protein and RNA folding, and chaperone activity studied by combination of NMR and EM approaches.
• Antibiotic resistance : Structural and functional studies of proteins involved in the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall using liquid and solid state NMR.

Please find more details in the document below :