Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

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Team Members

Team Members: Solid-state NMR and Protein Dynamics Team.

Present team

Paul Schanda — Researcher (CEA)

Beate Bersch — Researcher (CNRS)

Iva Sucec — PhD student

Undina Guillerm — Biochemistry engineer

If you want to contact team members, please use the e-mail address consisting of


Jens Haller — Masters Student

Astrid Sivertsen— Post-Doc

Peixiang Ma — Post-Doc

Jia-Ying Guan — Post-Doc

Dominique Marion — Researcher (CNRS)

Audrey Hessel — Wetlab engineer

Carsten Krichel — post-doc

Vilius Kurauskas — PhD student

Katharina Weinhaupl — PhD student

Diego F. Gauto — Post-Doc

Ons Dakhlaoui — Master Student

Doriane Costa — Master Student