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Presentation of the Channels Group

Group leader : Michel Vivaudou

The Channels group focuses on the structure and function of ion channels, especially inward-rectifying potassium channels, and associated membrane proteins that can regulate their gating.
Our laboratory is a member of the French National Laboratory of Excellence “Ion Channel Science and Therapeutics” supported by a network grant from ANR.

The group harbors :


Ion channel - G-Protein Coupled Receptor - Potassium channel - Kir channel - K-ATP channel - ABC transporter - SUR - biosensor

Specialized techniques

Construction of mutants, chimeras, fusion proteins - Heterologous expression in Xenopus oocytes (manual and robotic setups) - Patch-clamp on cells and proteoliposomes - Two-microelectrode voltage clamp (manual and robotic setups) - bioinformatics - Molecular dynamics

Recent publications

  • Vivaudou M (2019). eeFit : A Microsoft Excel-embedded program for interactive analysis and fitting of experimental dose-response data. Biotechniques (in press)
  • El-Khatib M, Nasrallah C, Lopes J, Tran QT, Tetreau G, Basbous H, Fenel D, Gallet B, Lethier M, Bolla JM, Pagès JM, Vivaudou M, Weik M, Winterhalter M, Colletier JP (2018). Porin self-association enables cell-to-cell contact in Providencia stuartii floating communities. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115 : E2220-8
  • Moreau CJ, Revilloud J, Caro LN, Dupuis JP, Trouchet A, Estrada-Mondragón A, Niescierowicz K, Sapay N, Crouzy S, Vivaudou M (2017). Tuning the allosteric regulation of artificial muscarinic and dopaminergic ligand-gated potassium channels by protein engineering of G protein-coupled receptors. Sci Rep. 7 : 41154
  • Martel A, Antony L, Gerelli Y, Porcar L, Fluitt A, Hoffmann K, Kiesel I, Vivaudou M, Fragneto G, de Pablo JJ (2017). Membrane Permeation versus Amyloidogenicity : A Multitechnique Study of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Interaction with Model Membranes. J Am Chem Soc. 139 : 137-48
  • Vivaudou M, Todorov Z, Reyes-Mejia GC, Moreau C (2017). Ion Channels as Reporters of Membrane Receptor Function : Automated Analysis in Xenopus Oocytes. Methods Mol Biol. 1635 : 283-301
  • Moreau CJ, Niescierowicz K, Caro LN, Revilloud J, Vivaudou M (2015). Ion channel reporter for monitoring the activity of engineered GPCRs. Methods Enzymol. 556 : 425-54
  • Hosy E, Vivaudou M (2014). The unusual stoichiometry of ADP activation of the KATP channel. Front Physiol. 5 : 11. doi:10.3389/fphys.2014.00011
  • Hassaine G, Deluz C, Grasso L, Wyss R, Tol MB, Hovius R, Graff A, Stahlberg H, Tomizaki T, Desmyter A, Moreau C, Li XD, Poitevin F, Vogel H, Nury H (2014). X-ray structure of the mouse serotonin 5-HT3 receptor. Nature. 512 : 276-81
  • Niescierowicz K, Caro L, Cherezov V, Vivaudou M, Moreau CJ (2014). Functional assay for T4 lysozyme-engineered G protein-coupled receptors with an ion channel reporter. Structure. 22 : 149-55

The list of all the publications of the group is available here.