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Presentation of the Complement, antibodies and infectious diseases group

Group Leader : Pascal Poignard


The recent discovery of potent HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs), i.e. able to block the replication of a large fraction of global circulating HIV-1 isolates has bolstered the field of antibody-based HIV vaccine development. A fraction of HIV-1-infected individuals eventually develop potent and broad neutralizing antibody responses, typically within a few years following infection. BnAbs, isolated from such donors, target regions on the viral spike that are highly structurally conserved despite the tremendous global sequence diversity of the HIV-1 Env protein. These regions include the CD4-binding site, the V3 N332 glycan region, a quaternary epitope in the V1/V2 region, the MPER region of gp41, and epitopes at the gp120/gp41 interface.

The elicitation of bnAbs prior to infection would presumably protect against infection by most circulating HIV strains and is considered one of the highest priorities of the HIV vaccine research field. However, to date no candidate vaccine has been found to elicit such responses.

The Poignard team focuses on understanding how broadly antibody responses eventually develop in a subset of HIV-infected donors. The goal is to gain knowledge from natural infection for the further design of effective immunogens and vaccine strategies to prevent HIV infection.



Marlyse BUISSON Ph.D., Scientist (CHUGA)
Sebastian DERGAN DYLON Ph.D., Post doc (ANRS)
Claire ROUSSET Ph.D. student (UGA)
Romy ROUZEAU Ph.D. student (Sidaction)
Axelle AMEN Pharmaceutical resident (CHU)
Audrey CAPPELLETTI Research Associate (UGA)

Benjamin NEMOZ Medical resident (CHUGA)

Research topics

  • Viral entry and mechanism of HIV neutralization
  • Neutralizing antibodies in prevention and treatment of HIV infection
  • HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies : coevolution Ab-Env leading to their development


Human monoclonal antibodies - Neutralization - HIV - Vaccine

Specialized techniques

  • Human monoclonal antibody isolation
  • Monomeric and trimeric HIV Env production
  • Monoclonal antibody production and purification
  • HIV neutralization assay

Major publications

HIV entry and mechanisms of HIV neutralization

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Role of neutralizing antibodies in preventing and treating HIV infection

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HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies

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Complete list of publications :
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