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Complement Immune Response and Diseases (CIRDis) Team

Team members

Team leader : Christine Gaboriaud

Team members  :
Christine GABORIAUD (Directrice de recherche CEA)
Jean-Baptiste REISER (Chercheur CNRS)
Véronique ROSSI (Maître de conférences UGA)
Nicole THIELENS (Directrice de recherche INSERM)
Guillaume DRUMONT (Technicien CDD CEA)
Andrea PINTO (Thèse GRAL- UGA)

Research topics

The team is interested in the molecular mechanisms governing the functions of proteins in the complement system.
With their many partners, they play an essential role in the defense of the host, in the inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes, in the homeostasis of the organism, in the maintenance of immune tolerance and are also involved in strategies of pathogen escape.
Complement activation is done by three activation pathways depending on the nature of the activating agents : the classical pathway, the lectin pathway and the alternate pathway. All three are characterized by soluble recognition molecules specific to innate immunity : C1q, MBL and Ficolins, as well as their associated proteases. Together, they play a central role as sentinels of the extracellular environment. Interactions between activators, recognition proteins and proteases activate specific effector mechanisms involved in the elimination of pathogens and the altered self and in the inflammatory balance.
Their various deficiencies and the formation of autoantibodies directed against them are also responsible for many autoimmune and auto-inflammatory pathologies. In addition, some diseases have demonstrated functional plurality and interconnections in the regulation of inflammation.
Understanding in detail the molecular and structural mechanisms underlying their different functions is therefore essential to identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostic tools.

Key words
Complement - Assembly - Innate immunity - Host-pathogen interaction - Serine proteases - Antibodies - Receptors - Molecular recognition - C1q - Immune tolerance - inflammation - alarmin - lectins

Methodological approaches
The team addresses its various research themes through combined methodological approaches :

ISBG Platforms

SPR/BLI Platform : Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) – BioLayer Interferometry (BLI)