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Group presentation

Group leader : Franck FIESCHI

The group studies both prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins, related to host-pathogen interactions, infection mechanisms and the immune responses. To this end, in parallel to the biological systems studied, we also develop new tools (surfactants) and expertise in biochemistry and biophysics of membrane proteins (SANS, AUC). The group is composed of two teams with complementary expertise ; we are all molecular biochemists working at the interface with chemistry, physics, and cell biology.

- Membrane and Immunity Team (F. Fieschi) : MIT.
- Structure and Stability of Integral Membrane Proteins and Phage Assemblies (C. Breyton) : SSIMPA.

Research themes :
- Neutrophilic NADPH oxidase complex.
- C-type lectin receptors of dendritic cells.
- Mechanism of phage infection.
- New surfactants for the in vitro study of membrane proteins.
- Structural study of membrane proteins related to virulence and pathogenicity.

Specialized techniques :
- Biochemistry of membrane and soluble proteins.
- Protein refolding.
- Automation in protein purification.
- Molecular interactions (SPR, BLI, ITC).
- Fluorescence.
- Analytical ultracentrifugation.
- Size exclusion chromatography/light scattering.
- Small angle X-Rays and neutrons scattering.
- Crystallography.
- Cryo Electron Microscopy.
- NanoDSF.

Available services :
- Clinical Diagnostic Centre CHU Grenoble Alpes :
Centre de Diagnostic de la Granulomatose Septique (CDiReC).

- ISBG platforms :
Analytical ultracentrifugation (platform AUC).
SECMALLS (platform PAOL).

- IBS instrument :
Multistep Protein Purification Platform (MP3).

Group members :

From left to right : Franck Fieschi, Susan Smith, Cécile Breyton, Michel Thépaut, Simona Notova, François Bulteau, Romain Linares, Ilham Bouchemal, Aline Le Roy, Annelise Vermot, Marie José Stasia, Christine Ebel, Corinne Deniaud, Isabelle Petit-Hartlien.