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Presentation of the Methods and Electron Microscopy group

Head of group : Guy SCHOEHN

The group is divided into 3 teams and is also in charge of the EM platform :

Team Guy Schoehn : Macromolecular assemblie’s structure by Electron Microscopy (EM)
Members : Benoit Arragain, Grégory Effantin, Leandro Estrozi, Daphna Fenel, Benoit Gallet, Dominique Housset, Romain Linares, Wai-Li Ling, Hélène Malet, Christine Moriscot, Emmanuelle Neumann, Guy Schoehn

Team Jean-Luc Pellequer  : AFM
Members : Shu-wen Wendy Chen, Jean-Luc Pellequer, Jean-Marie Teulon

Team Pascal Fender  : Adenovirology
Members : Solène Besson, Marie-Claire Dagher, Pascal Fender, Marc André Hograindleur, Emilie Stermann

EM Platform  : Quality Control, Training, Access to equipments, Cellular Electron Microscopy
Members : Grégory Effantin, Daphna Fenel, Benoit Gallet, Christine Moriscot, Emmanuelle Neumann, Guy Schoehn

Aims of the group

• Structure determination of biological macromolecular complexes by EM.
• Provide expertise for EM in single particle analysis, tomography, cellular imaging, and the accompanying computing facilities for both EM and AFM.
• Participate in national nanometrology surveys around the characterization of NPs of biological interest (size and shape).
• Develop a bionanomechanical expertise for probing stiffness of single cells or tissues.
• Use structural virology approaches to study the internalization of adenoviruses and the replication of Bunyaviridae and other negative strained RNA viruses.


- EM Platform developments and activity (Team Schoehn). The PF aims at collaborating with other IBS teams and to offer either its expertise or trainings to allow scientists to become independent in EM. 
- Bionanomechanics in plant roots (Team Pellequer). A European Training Network grant has been awarded to a consortium of researchers mainly originating from our previous COST Action TD1002 ; the AFM team coordinates the training working package. Our project aims at studying the mechanical response of root tissues during abiotic stress for understanding the STOP1-LPR1 multi-stress signaling pathways in Arabidopsis plants.
- Development of a patented polyvalent vaccine platform (Team Fender). The proof of concept of the ADDomer technology has been demonstrated using Chikungunya virus neutralizing epitopes. Our future goal is to extend this result in the field of immuno-oncology.
- Methodological developments (Team Schoehn & Pellequer). The group will pursue its long-term activity in method developments such as image processing (both EM and AFM) or 3D electron diffraction.
- Structural virology (Team Fender & Schoehn). Since the structure of DSG2 in interaction with the Ad3 fiber has just been solved by cryo-EM, other Adenovirus serotypes involved in severe diseases and/or in gene therapy trials (ex : Ad7, Ad11) will be investigated using EM. We also aim to determine the structure of the Hantaan virus polymerase in different functional states to derive a 3D film of the conformational changes of this enzyme in action. We will perform a structural analysis of native RNP in viruses (by tomography) and during cellular infection (cellular ME), to provide an integrated view of replication/transcription processes. Work on measles and mumps viruses is also continuing.


Structural biological projects :
- Structure of macromolecular assemblies
- Virus (bacteriophages and negative stranded RNA viruses) life cycle
- Adenovirus life cycle and therapeutic applications
- Bionanomechanics of cell walls of plant roots by AFM
- Nanoparticle metrology and nanotoxicology
- Large biomolecules reconstruction using AFM topography

Methods :
- Electron microscopy (negative staining, cryoEM, cryo-tomography, micro-electron diffraction)
- Image analysis (EM and AFM)
- Protein expression (Baculovirus)
- Biochemistry
- Protein-protein interactions (SPR ; BLI)
- Flow cytometry

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The list of all the publications of the group is available here.