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Available instruments on the TEM platform



The platform allows access to the following instruments under certain terms and conditions.

List of available instruments

Transmission electron microscopes :

Microscopy associated instruments

  • Carbon evaporator
  • Glow discharger
  • FEI Vitrobot (automated vitrification machine)

- Instruments for cellular sample preparation

  • Automated high-pressure freezer Leica HPM100
  • Automated freeze-substitution machine Leica AFS2 + FSP
  • (Cryo-)ultra-microtome Leica UC7/FC7
  • Automated immuno-labeling machine Leica IGL

Dedicated staff

  • Emmanuelle Neumann
  • Christine Moriscot
  • Daphna Fenel
  • Benoit Gallet
  • Gregory Effantin
  • Guy Schoehn

Access and costs

Access for PSB members, academia and industry, see prices.

How to contact us ?

Data storage

Generated data should be retrieved immediately (sent via ftp) and will be deleted after 3 months (specific conditions for Glacios’s data : they will be deleted after 15 days).


IBS building, ground floor, Methods and Electron Microscopy Group


The platform is certified ISO9001-NFX 50-900.