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Contact person(s) related to this article / Benoit Gallet
Contact person(s) related to this article / Benoit Gallet

Conditions for accessing the platform

General conditions

  • Services of the platform are subject to billing.
  • Samples must comply with security level L1 or L2 (previously set) and conform to the corresponding GMO statements.
  • The platform does not guarantee data recovery in case of malfunction.
  • If the services provided by the platform lead to a communication and/or publication, please add : "We thank the staff of the IBS / UVHCI Electron Microscopy platform of the Partnership for Structural Biology in Grenoble (PSB / IBS )." Please also send a pdf copy of the publication to Platform-EM.
  • In certain cases, member(s) of the platform may need to be considered as co-author(s) in a publication.

- Services :

  • The applicant must provide a photograph of an SDS-PAGE gel showing the purity of the protein sample to be analyzed.
  • Data generated will be stored for 3 years.

- Use of available equipments :

  • Access to these instruments will be possible only after training by a member of the platform. This training will be valid for a period that depends on the instrument and the frequency of use.
  • Data generated should be retrieved immediately (sent via ftp) and will be deleted after 3 months (specific conditions for Polara’s data : they will be deleted after 15 days).

Rules downloadable here.

The user agrees to comply with the rules of hygiene and safety regulations on the platform.

Pricing of the platform

The pricing of the em platform is under progress, for information or quotation please contact us.