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Schoehn’s team


Head of the team : Guy Schoehn (DR1-CNRS)

Members of the team :

- Benoit Arragain (PhD student)
- Grégory Effantin (Engineer CEA)*/#
- Leandro Estrozi (Researcher CNRS, CR1)
- Daphna Fenel (Technician CEA)*
- Benoit Gallet (Engineer CEA)*
- Dominique Housset (Research Engineer CEA)
- Romain Linares (Post-Doc)
- Wai-Li Ling (Research Engineer CEA)
- Hélène Malet (Teacher UGA)
- Christine Moriscot (Engineer CNRS, IR2)*
- Emmanuelle Neumann (Engineer CEA)*
- Guy Schoehn (Researcher CNRS, DR1)*/#
* : involved into the EM platform IBS/ISBG
# : involved into the EM platform ESRF

Biological systems

Since December 2018, the group has a new FEG electron cryo-microscope (GLACIOS Thermo Scientific 200 kV). The group also has a Tecnai12 microscope (FEI) which can be used to observe biological macromolecular complexes by negative-stain. The third electron microscope is a Tecnai F20 cryomicroscope (FEI FEG 200 kV) used routinely to find optimal freezing conditions of the biological specimen. The microscopes are accessible to people outside IBS upon request.
For more details, please contact : Guy Schoehn

Several biological topics are developed within the team :
- Structure of Virus
- Microtubules and associated proteins
- 3D structure of macromolecular assemblies


Instruments of the group