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Cryo-EM image analysis

The recovery of high resolution 3D information from a set of noisy 2D images is a challenging mathematical/computational task. For this reason, we focus on the use of families of mathematical functions best adapted to each specific problem. This approach allows structures to be determined faster, with more accuracy from a smaller amount of data.

Ab-initio 3D Reconstruction from cryo-EM images using Symmetry-adapted functions

The web-server above runs an automated protocol requiring minimal user intervention and it produces ab-initio 3D reconstructions from very few 2D images in a few minutes.

Single-particle view determination through Fast Projection Matching (FPM)

FPM brings speed and accuracy to view determination step in the single-particles 3D reconstruction protocol.

Symmetry Adapted Functions (SAFs)

Many viruses are knwon to have symmetric capsids to carry and protect their genetic material. Therefore, the presence of symmetry can be exploited allowing effective information extraction through the use of SAFs.