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Presentation of the Synchrotron Group

Group leader: Antoine Royant


GSY consists of two teams (FIP and icOS) hosting presently a total of twenty people. The specificity of GSY is to be a bridge between instrumentation & methodological developments performed at the large facilities ESRF, ILL and ESS, and structural biology projects carried out at the IBS, and focused on health related issues,plant biology and the development of coloured proteins used in cell and whole-body imaging. GSY is spread over five locations: two lab spaces at the IBS and three platforms at the ESRF (beamline FIP2, the icOS Lab and the OptiCrys platform).

GSY serves the international and national structural biology communities, as well as the in-house research of the EPN campus, through several platforms. The Synchrotron group has operated at ESRF the CRG FIP beamline (port BM30A) from 1999 and to Nov 2018. The FIP2 beamline is now being built on port BM07 as a new beamline, which will start operations during 2020. GSY also operates the icOS Lab (previously known as the Cryobench) since 2009, where various types of optical spectroscopy experiments can be performed on macromolecular crystals.

The activities of both teams and their associated platforms are described in more detail in their respective pages (see links below).


Synchrotron instrumentation, automation / robotization, crystallization, drug design, terpenoids synthesis, plant proteins, chloroplast, in crystallo optical spectroscopy, kinetic crystallography, time-resolved crystallography, coloured proteins of biotechnological interest, fluorescent proteins.


• crystallography (classic, kinetic, time resolved),
• biochemistry,
• crystallization,
• numerical simulations,
• UV-visible light absorption spectroscopy,
• Fluorescence emission spectroscopy,
• Raman spectroscopy

- The Ferrer Team (FIP)
- The Royant Team (icOS)

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