Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

Presentation of the Viral Replication Machines Group

Responsable : Marc Jamin

Head of the group : Marc Jamin
Our group works on viral replication of different non-segmented negative strand RNA viruses (measles virus, rabiesvirus, Nipahvirus), segmented ones (influenza virus) and DNA viruses (vaccinia virus and Epstein-Barr virus). The aim is the understanding of the fundamentals of the replication process but also how to interfere with the replication machinery in order to develop new antiviral strategies.

Burmeister team
Hart team
Jamin team
Ruigrok team

From left to right :
Duc Duy VU, M2 student ; Thi Thanh Mai DUONG, trainee ; Linda SEKRI, trainee ; Philippe MAS, engineer, Caroline MAS, fixed-term contract engineer, Marc JAMIN, professor, head of the VRM group ; Nicolas TARBOURIECH, lecturer ; Darren HART, principal investigator (DR CNRS) ; Anaïs BRANCHARD, fixed-term contract engineer ; Wim BURMEISTER, professor ; Carla DOS SANTOS-SILVA, fixed-term contract engineer, Nicolas PAUTRIEUX, fixed-term contract engineer ; Amélie DONCHET, PhD student ; Jean-Marie BOURHIS, lecturer ; Francine GERARD, fixed-term contract lecturer.

Not on the photograph :
Thibault CREPIN, principal investigator (DR CNRS), Rob RUIGROK, professor

Contact for the webpage : wim.burmeister(at)