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Since its opening, the Institute has filed more than thirty patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) :

IBS patents in force

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Light-gated pentameric channel - a new optogenetic tool; n° de publication: WO2021086219; CEA, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology National Research Univ, Forschungszentrum Juelich Institute of Complex Systems; Bratanov Dmitry, Kovalev Kirill, Alexeev Aalexei, Kuklin Alexander, Gordeliy Valentin



Aminopeptidases and its uses; n° de publication: WO2019115603; CNRS, CEA, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre, Hind Basbous

Use of a combination of tet exoproteases obtained from extremophilic microorganisms for hydrolyzing polypeptides; n° de publication: WO2019115607; CNRS, CEA, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre

Peptidases and its uses; n° de publication: WO2019115647; CEA, CNRS, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre, Hind Basbous


Metabolic labeling of bacterial teichoic acids cell wall; n° de publication: WO2018215432; CEA, CNRS, UGA; Vernet Thierry, Wong Ung-Sing, Di Guilmi Anne Marie

Cell-free synthesis of isotopic labelled proteins from amino-acids precursors; n° de publication: WO2018157942; NMR Bio, CEA, CNRS, UGA; Crublet Elodie, Imbert Lionel, Gans Pierre, Boisbouvier Jerome, Kerfah Rime

Selective brodomain inhibition of fungal BDF1; n° de publication: WO2018022802; University Southern California, CNRS, UGA, INSERM; Govin Jerome, McKenna Charles, Kashemirov Boris, Ferri Elena, Carlo Petosa, Flore Mietton


Method for producing self-assemblying paramyxoviral nucleocapsid-like particles and their uses; n° de publication: WO2017211846; CEA; Martin Blackledge, Communie Guillaume, Ringkjobing Malene, Ruigrok Robertus, Milles Sigrid.

Adenoviral coat protein derived delivery vehicles; n° de publication: WO2017167988; EMBL; Pascal Fender, Imre Berger, Frédéric Garzoni.

Lanthanide complexes for crystallising biological macromolecules and determining the crystallographic structure thereof; n° de publication: WO2017103545; ENS Lyon, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard, CEA; Maury O, Girard E, Engilberge S, Riobe F.

A method for analyzing the activity of an ion channel; n° de publication: WO2017085189; CEA, PARIS SCIENCES ET LETTRES - QUARTIER LATIN, UNIVERSITE PARIS-DIDEROT - PARIS 7; THIAM A.R., SCHAACK B.

Use of synthetic peptide derived from zebra protein for the in vitro diagnosis of the epstein-barr virus (ebv) reactivation; n° de publication: MY156432; UJF; Drouet E.E.


Peptides including a binding domain of the viral phosphoprotein (P) subunit to the viral RNA free nucleoprotein (N0); n° de publication: WO2016009044; INSERM, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1; ENS Lyon; UJF; Volchkov V, Jamin M, Lawrence P, Yabukarski F.

Conjugated molecules comprising a peptide derived from the cd4 receptor coupled to an anionic polypeptide for the treatment of AIDS; n° de publication : WO2016062854; CEA, Pasteur, CNRS, UGA, Université Paris Sud; Coic Yves-Marie, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, Baleux Francoise, Bonnaffe David.


Dispositif et procédé de caractérisation d’une particule; n° de publication : FR3021745; CEA; Kleman Jean-Philippe, Poulain Cedric, Rabaud David.

NADPH oxydase Proteins; n° de publication : WO2015162383; UJF, CNRS; Dupuy Jérôme, Hajjar Christine, Cherrier Mickaël, Fieschi Franck.

Antibodies Directed Against Hepatitis C Virus E1E2 Complex, Compositions of HCV Particles, and Pharmaceutical Compositions; n° de publication : US2015239959; INST NAT SANTE RECH MED, Biomerieux, UGA; Petit Marie Anne, Drouet Emmanuel, Trepo Christian

Novel uncharged reactivators against O-inhibition of human acetylcholinesterase; n° de publication : WO2015075082; Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, CNRS, Institut recherche biomedicale Armées IRBA, Université de Rouen, Université de Strasbourg, UJF; Baati R; Nachon F, Friedel M; Verdelet T; Renou J; Weik M; Kliachyna M; Trouvey C; Renard PY; Mercey G; Jean L; Colletier JP; Sanson B; Santoni G; Nussbaum V.


Method for preparing c1q recombinant protein; n° de publication : WO2014057437; CEA; Thielens N., Bally I.


Use of at least one biomarker for the in vitro prognosis or diagnosis of lymphoproliferative episodes associated with the epstein-barr virus (ebv), n° de publication : WO2013083906 US2014342349 ;UJF, ASSIST PUBL HOPITAUX DE PARIS;Drouet Emmanuel, Habib Mohammed, Agbalika Felix


Sulphated arabinogalactans apiogalacturonans and sulphated heteroglycans for treating diseases caused by the influenza virus; n° de publication : WO2012093234; Elycitil, CNRS, INSERM, CEA; Bartoli J., Bonnet S., Cosset F.L., Darblade B., Ferraris O., Havet S., Heyraud A., Lina B., Livache T., Lortat-Jacob H., Sadir R., Szécsi J., Vo H.

Peptides capable of forming a covalent complex, and uses thereof; n° de publication : WO2012127060; CEA; Vernet T, DiGuilmi A.M.

Method for detecting and quantifying microorganisms; n° de publication : WO2012073202; CEA; Roupioz Y, Calemczuk R, Vernet T., Livache T., Bouguelia Sihem, Durmort C.

Device and method for crystallising inorganic or organic substances; n° de publication : WO2012035268; Université Joseph Fourier ; M.Spano


Use of derivatives of indoles for the treatment of cancer. n° de publication : WO2010150211; CNRS; Guillou Catherine, Kozielski Frank, Labriere Christophe, Gueritte Françoise, Tchnernuik Sergey, Dimitrios Skoufias, Claude Thal, Henri-Philippe Husson

Device and Method for Holding and Releasing a Metallic Sample Holder, and Use of this Device; n° de publication : WO2010001260; CEA, CNRS; Ferrer Jean-Luc, Jacquamet Lilian, Izier Catherine

Cross linking agents. Brevet International, n° de publication : W02010100238; CNRs, Université de Montpellier, Université de Montpellier 2; Martinez Jean, Subra Gilles, Goubet Christine, Paramelle David, Forest Eric, Michael Heymann, Geourjon Christophe


Conjugated molecules comprising a peptide derived from the cd4 receptor coupled to a polyanion for the treatment of aids; n° de publication : WO2009098147; Institut Pasteur, CEA; Baleux Françoise, Bonnaffe David, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, Loureiro-Morais Latino

[NiFe] hydrogenases having an improved resistance to dioxygen, process for obtaining them and their application ([NiFe] hydrogenase mutante possédant une résistance accrue à l’oxygène). Brevet International, n° de publication : WO2009019613, date de publication 2009/02/12 ; CEA, CNRS, Cournac Laurent, Volbeda Anne, Jousset Emeline,Dementin Sebastien, Rousset Marc, Guenedey Genevieve, Leger Christophe, Leroux Fanny, Champ Stéphanie

Method and gripping device for automtically transferring a sample container from a storing location to an analysis location and use of said device (Procédé et dispositif de préhension pour le transfert automatique d’un récipient pour échantillons depuis un emplacement de stockage jusqu’à un emplacement d’analyse, et utilisation d’un tel dispositif) ; Brevet International, n° de publication : WO2009010886 ; date de publication 2009/01/21 ; CEA, CNRS; Ferrer Jean-Luc, Jacquamet Lilian, Bertoni Alain


CD4-receptor-derived peptides and method for the preparation thereof (Nouveaux peptides activés, purifés et isolés, dérivés du récepteur CD4 (Mini-CD4) et leur procédé de préparation); Brevet International, n° de publication : WO2008015273, date de publication 2008/02/08, INSTITUT PASTEUR, CEA; Baleux Francoise; Lortat Jacob Hugues; Bonnaffe David


Anti-hiv composition, production method thereof and medicament (Composition anti-VIH, procédé de fabrication et médicament); Brevet International, n° de publication WO03089000 , date de publication 2003/10/30,CEA; CNRS; Lortat-Jacob Hugues; Vita Claudio; Vives Romain

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