Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

Meetings and workshops

8th School of Integrative Structural Biology – June 18 to 25, 2021 - Oléron

This school, organized by RéNaFoBIS (Réseau National de Formation en Biologie Structurale Intégrative), aims at providing training for graduate students in the field of Integrative Structural biology. Lectures are given mainly in French, slides are in English, in order to make it easier for non-French speaking participants to follow. During practical sessions (TP), English-speaking groups can be proposed if needed.
D. Housset (IBS/IRAPS group) is co-organizer. IBS scientists will give lectures and tutorials.
To know more : ReNaFoBiS (in french only).

PSB Symposium "Frontiers in Bioimaging" - 01 & 02 July 2021 - Virtual Symposium

The aim and scope of this meeting is to highlight progress in 3D imaging research that bridges the gap between the atomic and cellular scales, with spatial resolutions spanning from subnanometer to submicrometer range. Featured topics will include : cryo-electron tomography, X-ray tomography, volume electron microscopy, image analysis, super-resolution microscopy, and correlative approaches. The applications of the above methods to address essential questions in life sciences is of particular interest.
The meeting will be held remotely over two afternoons, and will include a series of selected talks, interactive virtual posters, and interactive virtual lounges.
All participants are invited to submit an abstract for a poster and/or an oral presentation (short talks of 10 minutes). Submission deadline on 23 May 2021. The number of posters is limited to 50, and best poster prizes (150 euros each) will be awarded.
For further information and to check out the exciting collection of invited speakers :
The organising committee members : Florent Bernaudat (PSB), Andrew McCarthy (EMBL), Cécile Morlot (IBS), Alexandra Pacureanu (ESRF), Daouda Traore (Keele University/ILL).

12th Oxidase Club - October 11 to 13, 2021 - EPN Campus

The Oxidase Club gathers members of French-speaking European research teams working on this theme. This club is organized every two years, alternatively with the prestigious Gordon Conference on NOX. This scientific meeting is an opportunity to review new advances in the field of oxidases and oxidative stress, to exchange and develop partnerships in a friendly atmosphere. Particular attention is given to young researchers so that they can present their work through posters, "Flash" presentations and mini-conferences.
The 2021 edition, organized by F. Fieschi and M.J. Stasia (IBS), will take place in Grenoble. For further information, please visit the dedicated website (in french only).