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IBS projects for the Science Fair

You’ll find below IBS projects for the 2021 Science week (’Fête de la Science’) :

Discover the awesome world of biology

IBS scientists and technicians propose a range of fun experiments to learn about proteins and DNA (children will participate in one of two or three workshops. The equipment will be disinfected and the children will handle it alone and not in pairs).

Registration is required and there should be a minimum of one adult per 10 pupils

Audience : primary school pupils (CM2 only)

Duration of the visit : 1:30 to 2 hours

Themes : Biology, Chemistry, Medicine

Dates :
4 interventions between Monday 04 and friday 08 October, 2021

Location : According to the sanitory situation, we will receive classes either in labs associated with our institute, or we will organize these workshops in schools.

Registration and information : your contact

Discover careers in research

Due to the health crisis related to the SARS-CoV-2, we are unable this year to organise workshops in our labs to introduce high school students to the research carried out by our institute and the methods & facilities that allow researchers access to the infinitely small.
However, our scientists are eager to share their passion, explain their day-to-day job and give information about different careers in research.

Through their career path and main research, you will discover in particular how one becomes a researcher (but also other research professions) and how our scientists communicate their results. They will of course answer students’ questions.

Location : This intervention can take place either through webconferences (for high schools far from the IBS) or at school (for high schools near Grenoble).

Audience : secondary school pupils

Duration : 1 hour

Themes : Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics

Dates : 4 interventions from Monday 04 to Friday 08 October, 2021

Registration and information : contact

Parvis des Sciences

For several years, IBS and its partners of the EPN campus have been mobilizing to promote exchanges between scientists and citizens during the Parvis des Sciences.
For the 2021 edition, we propose to meet you for scientific conferences in the evening, to learn and exchange about scientific questions, with researchers and PhD students.

Conferences "Apéro-Science" with the EPN campus :

  • October 05 - 19:00/20:00 : Follow the journey of a protein in the heart of the EMBL and ESRF laboratories and facilities.
    Presented by Anne-sophie HUMM, Pauline JUYOUX, Didier NURIZZO, Gianluca SANTONI, Jérémy SINOIR and animated by Kirstin COLVIN
  • October 06 - 19h00/20h00 : Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases studied at ILL and IBS
    Presented by Martin WEIK (IBS), Kevin POUNOT (ILL, IBS, U Tübingen), Mizar OLIVIA (ILL), Trevor FORSYTH (ILL)
    Link for the videoconference (Secret code : 411753)

To know more about the Parvis des Sciences