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Seminars, thesis defenses and courses

IBS seminars

There are weekly seminars at the IBS (on Fridays at 11 a.m.)

Visitors to EPN Campus must be registered for a visit prior to arrival and will be asked to report in at the site entrance on arrival with a proof of identification (e.g. passport, ID card). For registration, please send this form at least 48h in advance to this contact.

• IBS Seminar - Friday December 02, 11am (external speaker)

CryoEM to characterize lipid features in membrane tubules scaffolded by yeast eisosome BAR-domain protein Pil1

by Jennifer M. Kefauver (Lab of Robbie Loewith, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)
Hosted Ambroise Desfosses (IBS/MICA)

• IBS Seminar - Friday December 09, 11am (external speaker)

Visualization of Competence Development and Transformation in Streptococcus pneumoniae

by Nathalie Campo (Laboratoire de Microbiologie et Génétique Moléculaires, Centre de Biologie Intégrative de Toulouse)
Hosted by C. Morlot (IBS/PG)

• IBS Seminar - Friday December 16, 11am (external speaker)

The role of the skin in the malaria sporozoite neutralization by a novel type of cytotoxic antibodies

by Rogerio Amino (Infection et Immunité Paludéenne, Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Hosted by P. Poignard (IBS/CAID)

Thesis defense or Habilitation to Supervise Research

• PhD defense, Tuesday 06 December, 2 pm (CEA Grenoble, room 205)

Isolement d’anticorps monoclonaux humains à visée thérapeutique contre le système de sécrétion de type III de Pseudomonas aeruginosa

by Jean-Mathieu Desveaux (IBS/Complement, antibodies and infectious disease Group)
ATTENTION, this defense will take place at the CEA Grenoble, main entry, room 205

• PhD defense, Wednesday 07 December, 2 pm

Caractérisation biochimique des protéines impliquées dans l’initiation de la recombinaison méiotique chez la souris

by Hamida Laroussi (IBS/Epigenetics and molecular pathways Group)

• PhD defense, Friday 16 December, 2 pm

Isolement et caractérisation d’anticorps monoclonaux humains bloquant la transmission de Plasmodium falciparum

by Axelle Amen (IBS/Complement, antibodies and infectious disease Group)

• PhD defense, Friday 16 December, 2 pm (ESRF auditorium)

Caracterisation structurale et fonctionnelle de la forme dimerique de la proteine Alix

By Nolwenn Miguet (IBS/Entry and Budding of Enveloped Viruses Group)
ATTENTION, this defense will take place in the ESRF auditorium

IBS previous seminars

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