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Seminars, thesis defenses and courses

IBS seminars

There are weekly seminars at the IBS (on Fridays at 11 a.m.).

Visitors to EPN Campus must be registered for a visit prior to arrival and will be asked to report in at the site entrance on arrival with a proof of identification (e.g. passport, ID card). For registration, please send this form at least 48h in advance to Odile Cavoret.

Please note that due to the sanitary situation, wearing a mask is mandatory in the IBS seminar room and this room is only be able to accommodate 29 people. For this reason, our seminars become hybrid (face-to-face and remote format). You will find the links to join us online below.

• IBS Seminar - November 06, 2020 11am (external speaker)

Phages revenge : Cas9 allosteric inhibition by the anti-CRISPR protein AcrIIA6

by Adeline Goulet (Laboratoire Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques, Campus de Luminy, Marseille)
Hosted by Cécile Breyton (IBS/Groupe Membrane &
Link for the visioconference :

• IBS Seminar - November 13, 2020 11am (external speaker)

Physicochemical basis toward Coronavirus inactivation

by Thomas Zemb (Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule)
Hosted by Christine Ebel (IBS/Membrane & Pathogens Group)
Link for the visioconférence :

• IBS Seminar - November 20, 2020 11am (external speaker)

No loose ends : a structural and molecular investigation of retroviral integration

by Allison Ballandras-Colas (Chromatin Structure and Mobile DNA group, The Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom)
Hosted by Thibaut Crépin (IBS/Groupe Machines de Réplication Virale)
BE CAREFULL : this seminar will be given onlline only : https://testbbbibs.isbg.

Thesis defense or Habilitation to Supervise Research

• PhD defense, Monday November 09, 11am

Proteins with RBM (ring-building motif)-like domains involved in Bacillus subtilis sporulation

By Bowen Liu (IBS/Pneumococcus Group)
Link for the visioconference :

IBS previous seminars

List of the previous seminars, available here.


Other seminars

Other regular seminars are organised on the ’polygone scientifique’ :
- EMBL seminars
- ESRF seminars
- ILL seminars
- PSB seminars

Other seminars in the Grenoble area can be consulted here (in french only).