Institut de Biologie StructuraleGrenoble / France

PhD defense, Thursday April 21, 09 am

Electrophysiological studies of (1) the regulation of G protein-gated potassium channels by δ-opioid receptors and (2) the function of viral rhodopsins

by Ana Sofia Oliveira (IBS/Membrane Transporters group)
Videoconference : (Meeting ID : 955 8153 8850, Passcode : aJy4Ux)

PhD defense, Tuesday 03 May, 3pm

Time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography at X-ray free electron lasers to study light-sensitives proteins on the ultra-fast time scale

by Kyprianos Hadjidemetriou (IBS/Dynamics and kinetics of molecular processes Group)
IBS Seminar room & Videoconference : (Meeting ID : 959 9429 8675, Passcode : 214609)

PhD defense, Tuesday 24 May, 01 pm

Cryo-electron tomography of bacterial minicells

by Alister Burt (IBS/Microscopic Imaging of Complex Assemblies Group)
Videoconference only :

PhD defense, Wednesday 18 May, 2pm

Responses and adaptation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to envelope stress

by Manon Janet-Maitre (IBS/Bacterial Pathogenesis and Cellular Responses Group)
In person seminar & Videoconference : link to be confirmed
BE CAREFULL : this PhD defense will take place in the seminar room of the André Rossat, building E, 2235 Rue de la Piscine, Gières