Since its opening, the Institute has filed more than thirty patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) :

IBS patents in force

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Tetrahydroquinoline (thq) coumpounds ; n° de publication : EP4095128A1; CNRS, CEA, INSERM, UGA; Zuzana Macek Jilkova, Jérôme Govin, Anouk Emadali, Carlo Petosa, Yung-Sing Wong



Peptidase and its uses; n° de publication: WO2019115647; CEA, CNRS, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre, Hind Basbous

Use of a combination of tet exoproteases obtained from extremophilic microorganisms for hydrolyzing polypeptides; n° de publication: WO2019115607; CNRS, CEA, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre

Aminopeptidases and its uses; n° de publication: WO2019115603; CNRS, CEA, UGA; Franzetti Bruno, Girard Eric, Appolaire Alexandre, Hind Basbous


Selective brodomain inhibition of fungal BDF1; n° de publication: WO2018022802; University Southern California, CNRS, UGA, INSERM; Govin Jerome, McKenna Charles, Kashemirov Boris, Ferri Elena, Carlo Petosa, Flore Mietton


Method for producing self-assemblying paramyxoviral nucleocapsid-like particles and their uses; n° de publication: WO2017211846; CEA; Martin Blackledge, Communie Guillaume, Ringkjobing Malene, Ruigrok Robertus, Milles Sigrid.

Adenoviral coat protein derived delivery vehicles; n° de publication: WO2017167988; EMBL; Pascal Fender, Imre Berger, Frédéric Garzoni.

Lanthanide complexes for crystallising biological macromolecules and determining the crystallographic structure thereof; n° de publication: WO2017103545; ENS Lyon, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard, CEA; Maury O, Girard E, Engilberge S, Riobe F.

A method for analyzing the activity of an ion channel; n° de publication: WO2017085189; CEA, PARIS SCIENCES ET LETTRES - QUARTIER LATIN, UNIVERSITE PARIS-DIDEROT - PARIS 7; THIAM A.R., SCHAACK B.

Use of synthetic peptide derived from zebra protein for the in vitro diagnosis of the epstein-barr virus (ebv) reactivation; n° de publication: MY156432; UJF; Drouet E.


Peptides including a binding domain of the viral phosphoprotein (P) subunit to the viral RNA free nucleoprotein (N0); n° de publication: WO2016009044; INSERM, CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1; ENS Lyon; UJF; Volchkov V, Jamin M, Lawrence P, Yabukarski F.



Method for preparing c1q recombinant protein; n° de publication : WO2014057437; CEA; Thielens N., Bally I.


Use of at least one biomarker for the in vitro prognosis or diagnosis of lymphoproliferative episodes associated with the epstein-barr virus (ebv), n° de publication : WO2013083906 US2014342349 ;UJF, ASSIST PUBL HOPITAUX DE PARIS;Drouet Emmanuel, Habib Mohammed, Agbalika Felix


Method for detecting and quantifying microorganisms; n° de publication : WO2012073202; CEA; Roupioz Y, Calemczuk R, Vernet T., Livache T., Bouguelia Sihem, Durmort C.

Device and method for crystallising inorganic or organic substances; n° de publication : WO2012035268; Université Joseph Fourier ; M.Spano


Use of derivatives of indoles for the treatment of cancer. n° de publication : WO2010150211; CNRS; Guillou Catherine, Kozielski Frank, Labriere Christophe, Gueritte Françoise, Tchnernuik Sergey, Dimitrios Skoufias, Claude Thal, Henri-Philippe Husson

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