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The list of PhD theses undertaken in the Structural Dynamics of Signalling Complexes Group (or supervised by SIGNAL members before 2024) can be found year by year below:

Thibault Orand (2023)
Revealing the mechanism of action of intrinsically disordered proteins in MAPK cell signalling
University Grenoble Alpes (thesis defence 27th of November 2023)

Lenette Kjær (2023)
Structure, dynamics and assembly of scaffolding complexes in MAPK cell signalling
University Grenoble Alpes (thesis defence 20th of September 2023)

Jaka Kragelj (2014)
Structure and dynamics of intrinsically disordered regions of MAPK signalling proteins
University Grenoble Alpes (thesis defence 11th of December 2014)

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