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The list of PhD theses undertaken in the Entry and Budding of Enveloped Viruses Group can be found year by year below (manuel list).

10/2015 -02/2018 Géraldine Mayeux, University Grenoble Alpes
Biochemical and structural chracterization of IFITM3, a cellular restriction factor

03/2011 - 04/2015 Nick Aschman, University Grenoble Alpes

Publications :
M.G. Bego, É. A. Côt, N. Aschman, J. Mercier, W. Weissenhorn and E. A. Cohen (2015) Human Immunodeficiency Virus Accessory Protein Vpu Inhibits the Antiviral Response of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells for Innate Immune Evasion. PLoS Pathogen, 11(7):e1005024.
W. Weissenhorn, N. Miguet, N. Aschman, P. Renesto, Y. Usami, and H.G. Göttlinger (2012) Structural basis for tetherin function. Curr HIV Res. 10(4), 298-306.
N. Aschman, W. Weissenhorn and P. Renesto (2012) La tétherine, dernière amarre du VIH/ Tetherin, last link to HIV. Virologie, 16, 32-42.

10/2010 -09/2013 : Emilie Poudevigne, University Joseph Fourier
Caractérisation structurale de la régulation de l’ubiquitine-hydrolase AMSH

08/2009 a 10/2012: Aurelien Dordor , University Joseph Fourier
Etude du mécanisme de polymérisation des protéines du complexe ESCRT-III

10/2008 à 12/2011: Nicolas Martinelli , University Joseph Fourier
Structure et fonction d’un ligand d’ESCRT-III, LgD/CC2D1A

10/2005 à 12/2009 : Miriam Hock Philipps University Marburg, Allemagne

Publications :
M. Hock, I. Kraus, G. Schoehn, M. Jamin, C. Andrei-Selmer, W. Garten and W. Weissenhorn (2010) RNA induced polymerization of the Borna disease virus nucleoprotein. Virology, 397, 64-72.

10/2005 à 09/2011 :Julianna Solomons, EMBL and University Joseph Fourier
Structural and functional studies of AMSH implicated in the endosomal sorting pathway and enveloped virus budding.

10/2004 à 09/2008 : Ricardo Pires ; EMBL and University Joseph Fourier
Structural and functional studies of ALIX

11/2002 à 12/2006 : Bettina Hartlieb, Université Philipps de Marburg, Allemagne

Publications :
B. Hartlieb, T. Muziol, W. Weissenhorn* and S. Becker* (2007) Crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of Ebola virus VP30 reveals a role in transcription and nucleocapsid assembly. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 104(2), 624-9 (*corresponding authors).
B. Hartlieb and W. Weissenhorn (2006) Filovirus assembly and budding. Virology, 344(1):64-70

10/1999 à 9/2003 : Vassiliy Bavro, University Joseph Fourier and EMBL

Publications :
M. Sola*, V.N. Bavro*, M. Sola, V.N. Bavro, J. Timmins, S. T. Franz, Ricard-Blum, G. Schoehn, R. H.W. Ruigrok, G. A. O’Sullivan, T. Saiyed, B. Schmitt, H. Betz, and W. Weissenhorn (2004) Structural basis of dynamic glycine receptor clustering by gephyrin. EMBO J, 23(13):2510-9 (*equal contribution).
V.N. Bavro, M. Sola, A. Bracher, M. Kneussel, H. Betz, and W. Weissenhorn (2002) Crystal structure of the GABAA receptor associated protein, GABARAP. EMBO Rep. 3, 183-189.

10/1998 à 9/2002 : Joanna Timmins, EMBL and Open University London
Structural and functional studies of human ADAM 12 in myoblast fusion and Ebola virus VP40 in assembly

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