Jamin team: Research activities

Research topics

Nonsegmented negative-sense RNA virus replication machine

Rabies virus

Nipah virus

A unique RNA polymerase complex

The phophoprotein – a modular multimeric protein with intrinsically disordered regions

Unassembled nucleoprotein in complex with its viral chaperone

Nonsegmented negative-sense RNA virus and innate immunity

Plant transcription factors


Negative-sense RNA virus, rabies virus, Nipah virus, RNA replication, protein structure, protein stability

Specialized techniques

• Recombinant production of proteins and macromolecular complexes
• Biophysical characterization of macromolecules
• X-ray crystallography
• Small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering

Available services

• Size exclusion chromatography combined with multi-angle laser light scattering and refractometry (SEC-MALLS-RI) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)
• Circular dichroism (CD) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)
• Spectrofluorimetry (including fluorescence anisotropy) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)
• Dynamic light scattering (DLS) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)
• Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)
• Microscale thermophoresis (MST) – (Biophysical platform@CIBB)

Major publications

• The N0-binding region of the vesicular stomatitis virus phosphoprotein is globally disordered but contains transient -helices. Leyrat C., Jensen M.R., Ribeiro E.A., Gérard F.C.A., Ruigrok R.W., Blackledge, M. and Jamin M. (2011) Protein Science 20, 542-556.
• Structure of the vesicular stomatitis virus N0-P complex. Leyrat C., Yabukarski F., Tarbouriech N., Ribeiro E.A. Jr, Jensen M.R., Blackledge M., Ruigrok R.W.H. and Jamin M. (2011) PLOS Pathogens 7, e1002248.
• Ensemble structure of the modular and flexible full-length vesicular stomatitis virus phosphoprotein. Leyrat C., Schneider R., Ribeiro E.A. Jr, Yabukarski F., Yao M., Gérard F.C., Jensen M.R., Ruigrok R.W., Blackledge M. and Jamin M. (2012) J. Mol. Biol. 423, 182-197.
• Self-organisation of the vesicular stomatitis virus nucleocapsid into a bullet shape. (2013) Desfosses, A., Ribeiro, E.A., Schoehn, G., Blondel, D., Gulligay, D., Jamin, M., Ruigrok, R. and Gutsche I. Nature Comm. 4, 1429.
• Ensemble structure of the full-length HCV IRES. Pérard J., Leyrat C., Baudin F., Drouet E. and Jamin M. (2013) Nature Comm. 4, 1612.
• Sequential unfolding of a beta helical protein by single-molecule atomic force microscopy. Alsteens D., Martinez N., Dufrêne Y.F., Jamin M., Jacob-Dubuisson F. (2013) PLOS One 8:e73572.
• Structure of the C-terminal domain of Lettuce Necrotic Yellows Virus phosphoprotein. Martinez N., Ribeiro E.A. Jr, Tarbouriech N., Ruigrok R.W. and Jamin M. (2013) J Virol. 87, 9569-9578.
• Atomic resolution description of the interaction between the nucleoprotein and phosphoprotein of Hendra virus. Communie G, Habchi J, Yabukarski F, Blocquel D, Schneider R, Tarbouriech N, Papageorgiou N, Ruigrok RW, Jamin M, Jensen MR, Longhi S, Blackledge M. (2013) PLOS Pathog. 9:e1003631.
• Structure of Nipah virus unassembled nucleoprotein in complex with its viral chaperone. Yabukarski F, Lawrence P, Tarbouriech N, Bourhis JM, Delaforge E, Jensen MR, Ruigrok RW, Blackledge M, Volchkov V, Jamin M. (2014). Nat Struct Mol Biol. 21, 754-759.
• Ensemble Structure of the Highly Flexible Complex Formed between Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Unassembled Nucleoprotein and its Phosphoprotein Chaperone. Yabukarski F, Leyrat C, Martinez N, Communie G, Ivanov I, Ribeiro EA Jr, Buisson M, Gerard FC, Bourhis JM, Jensen MR, Bernadó P, Blackledge M, Jamin M. (2016) J Mol Biol. 428:2671-2694.
• A SAM oligomerization domain shapes the genomic binding landscape of the LEAFY transcription factor. Sayou C, Nanao MH, Jamin M, Posé D, Thévenon E, Grégoire L, Tichtinsky G, Denay G, Ott F, Peirats Llobet M, Schmid M, Dumas R, Parcy F. (2016) Nature Comm. 7:11222.