Workshop : Determination of protein structure by NMR - 23-27 april 2018 - IBS, Grenoble

The biomolecular NMR group of IBS (Grenoble), the Structural Chemistry and Biology Laboratory of ICSN (Gif-sur-Yvette) and the Biological Polymer Structure and Dynamics by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance team of IGBMC (Strasbourg) are organizing an advanced practical training course entitled "Determination of Protein Structure by NMR". This training will take place in Grenoble from 23 to 27 April 2018. It follows the training courses organized by these laboratories every year since 2009.

The objective of this training will be to provide participants with the tools necessary for the structural study of proteins by NMR. This training is primarily aimed at PhD students who will need these techniques during their work but also engineers, post-docs and academic or industrial researchers. We will present modern techniques for assigning resonances of 15N and 13C labeled proteins, acquisition and analysis of NOEs constraints and residual dipolar couplings, as well as modeling tools.

Emphasis will be put on practical aspects of the spectrometer (maximum three participants per spectrometer) on the IBS NMR platform and in front of the workstations. The practical aspects of this training will be complemented by seminars presenting the latest developments in structural attribution and determination, dynamic characterization of proteins, study of high molecular weight proteins and study of intrinsically disordered proteins.

The training will be given in French but with French and English speaking practice groups. This training will be free of charge, participants will be responsible for travel, accommodation and evening meals. Several scholarships covering accommodation will be allocated.

Registration form HERE
Registration deadline : 15th march 2018.

The number of places is limited to 20. To register, please send the form by email, accompanied by a short CV (max 1 page) to If you can benefit from vocational training, please contact us.

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