Responsable : Martin Weik

Proteins are the molecular engines of life. Their broad range of biological tasks and functions is reflected in a large diversity of specific structural and dynamical characteristics. Whereas a large body of structural information has been gathered over the last decades, dynamical insight is still scarce. Yet, only an understanding of the structural dynamics, i.e. of the relation between structure and dynamics, will unravel the complex mysteries of biomolecular function and its various roles in cellular processes.

Within the group, two independent research teams synergistically develop and apply a broad range of experimental and computational methodologies with the aim to enlarge the structural understanding of biological macromolecules by a dynamical dimension and in a cellular context.

Two research teams

 Structural protein dynamics (team leader : Martin Weik)
 Snax: serial nanocrystallography (team leader : Jacques-Philippe Colletier)

Research Topics :

 Fluorescent proteins photophysics ; Super resolution microscopy : PALM/TIRF microscopy ; Photoactivated protein dynamics
 Modeling the structure and function of proteins, Development of simulation algorithms, Simulation of enzymatic reaction mechanisms
 Hydration influence on protein dynamics
 Structural dynamics of medically relevant soluble, membrane and intrinsically disordered proteins : acetylcholinesterase, tau, porins
 Implication of structural dynamics in specific protein damage by ionizing radiation and reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Keywords :

protein dynamics ; fluorescent proteins ; photoactivation and photobleaching ; super resolution fluorescence microscopy ; TIRF microscopy, single molecule imaging ; photoactivation ; photobleaching ; microspectrophotometry ; kinetic crystallography ; structural dynamics ; photophysics ; molecular modelling ; molecular simulation ; enzymatic reaction mechanisms ; neutron scattering ; acetylcholinesterase ; malate dehydrogenase ; structural protein dynamics ; neurodegenerative diseases ; tau protein ; anti-Alzheimer drugs ; reactivators of poisoned acetylcholinesterases ; porin ; antibiotic resistance

Specialized Techniques :

 X-ray crystallography
 kinetic crystallography
 in crystallo microspectrophotometry
 incoherent neutron scattering
 molecular modelling
 molecular dynamics
 quantum chemistry
 super-resolution microscopy : PhotoActivated Localization Microscopy (PALM)
 Molecular and cell biology : Fluorescent protein fusion constructs

Available services

 Super resolution imaging (D. Bourgeois)

Publications :

The list of the publications of the group is available here.