Instruments for cellular sample preparation

Automated high-pressure freezer

Application : Cryo-fixation of biological sample under high pressure (2000 Bars).

Instrument : Leica EM-HPM100

Automated freeze substitution machine

Application : Freeze substitution process or Progressive Lowering of Temperature (PLT) for ambient or low-temperature embedding of sample, manually or automated with the FSP robot.

Instrument : Leica EM-AFS2 + EM-FSP

Cryo-ultra-microtome and Ultra-microtome

Application : Ultra-thin sectionning of embedded biological samples, at room temperature or in cryo-conditions.

Instrument : Leica EM-UC7 + EM-FC7 and EM-UC7

Automated immuno-labeling machine

Application : Automated staining or immuno-labelling steps on samples on grids (single particles or sections).

Instrument : Leica EM-IGL