Hart team : Research activities

i) The study and inhibition of viral replication using directed evolution methods ; ii) Expression of challenging proteins using high throughput random construct libraries.


Directed evolution, protein engineering, host-pathogen interactions, viral polymerases


FluPept : Novel Influenza Peptide Inhibitors by Directed Evolution (ANR-funded) : We aim to develop proof-of-concept and novel lead drug candidates that target viral and host protein complexes essential for influenza viral replication. These novel peptide-based molecules should show low levels of drug-resistance and will be applied to virus-infected epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract using inhaler or spray-based technologies. Methods include phage display, biophysical assays, X-ray crystallography and cellular virus replication assays. Collaboration : Naffakh Lab, Institut Pasteur and I2BM.

Figure 1. A) Experimental approach to evolve high affinity cell-penetrating peptide or peptidomimetic inhibitors from low affinity natural peptide ligands (small linear motifs ; SLiMs) B) M13 phage display of SLiMs for affinity selections.

Influenza host adaptation : Currently circulating avian influenza viruses may cross the species barrier and become highly pathogenic, human transmissible strains with pandemic potential. This can result from mutations in several influenza proteins. After identifying unpredicted soluble domains using ESPRIT (see below), we characterised their interactions with host cell factors involved in nuclear import and influenza virus host adaptation. Collaborations : Cingolani and Blackledge groups.

Figure 2 : A previously unsuspected domain from influenza polymerase, identified by ESPRIT expression screening and structurally characterised by X-ray crystallography. A single mutation to lysine at residue 627 can be responsible for the evolution of human influenza viruses from wild-type avian viruses that have a glutamic acid at this position ; this can be partly explained through the interactions between this region and the host factor ANP32.

Expression of Soluble Proteins by Random Incremental Truncation (ESPRIT)

ESPRIT random library screening to identify soluble variants of challenging proteins. For over a decade, we have used it on our targets and those of collaborators/users to identify well-expressing soluble constructs from poorly understood proteins.
Funded access to this unique technology is available via Instruct. Non- or partially funded access via FRISBI and ISBG.

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Figure 3 : Libraries of 10-30,000 random constructs from a single target gene are generated in E. coli and screened using colony picking and arraying robotics. Clones that produce purifiable proteins are sequenced to determine domain boundaries.


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